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  1. N

    How Stable are VMs Now?

    IIUC there were major changes made to the Jails/VMs between 11.1 and 11.2. FreeNAS is at 11.2-U5, which is pretty close to the end of the 11.2 series, is an upgrade from 11.2 to 11.3 going to require a lot of VM maintenance? I have been considering setting up a couple of VMs, but things seem...
  2. dirar

    Bhyve access - VNC not working

    Hello, I changed the ip address of my FreeNas machine (11.2) with a public IP address. Now I am unable to connect to any of the VM machine. Connecting with serial would say connected but doesn't ask for a login and the terminal becomes unresponsive. Any way I could change the setting to be able...
  3. P

    FreeNAS 11 Virtual Machine Not Working

    I've been following the instructions of how to create a VM that runs Windows from a YouTube video; however, I keep getting an error when I use VNC Viewer. I cannot figure out what I did wrong and I would appreciate any help that this forum can provide. This is the error that occurs...
  4. B

    bhyve Networking - config?

    Hello, As I've learned here in the forum recently, in FreeNas 11.0 it's even not possible to assign a MAC address to a VM, so I'm wondering if there is any concept available for selecting all the bhyve networking options (NAT, bridge, NIC..) in FreeNas. I would like to have a separate IP for...
  5. S

    FN11 - Windows 10 VM install stuck on 'Blue Window'

    Hi, I've just upgraded to FN11, really like this version and am wanting to use the VM features to host a Windows 10 VM. I have two FN 11 installs both based on HP Microservers, The 'test' install of FN 11 is running on slightly 'Older' hardware than my 'Production' NAS. I installed a Windows...
  6. C

    VM NIC to physical NIC mapping

    Hello, I'm trying to get a VM up and running with a dual NIC set up. My host has two physical NICs. Where/how do I configure virtual NIC to physical NIC mapping? During the VM set up, it only allows adding a NIC and that's it. If it makes a difference, my guest is linux. Thanks.