virtual host

  1. I

    Dedup a small zvol? 20 GiB

    Hi everyone I am new here and I don't usually do this forum thing. I would like to more, but I just can't ever seem find the time. However I have no choice in this case because I believe this is the only place I can find the answer I need. I am setting up a small group of VM's on a 14gen Dell...
  2. J

    Linux and Windows gaming with FreeNAS as the host?

    After searching through the forums on a couple different issues, I see that it is generally better to not virtualize FreeNAS. That fact has me wondering about re-architecting my setup with FreeNAS as the host, instead of Linux/virt-manager/qemu. My system: AMD Threadripper 1950x 64GB RAM 5 4TB...
  3. plexaFCI

    Jail and multiple IP4 aliases (GUI or cmd)

    Dear All, This is my first post in the FreeNAS forum, I am a bit experienced Qnap and Synology user with new love to FreeNAS. I need a little help with the problem i encounter. I created a jail and with it an apache24 service. Everything works excellent, with one web page hosted. But I...