1. Mr. Slumber

    SOLVED Cloud sync with Backblaze B2 limit upload speed

    Following the mindset better save than sorry I maintain a local onsite backup of my files on a different server and thanks to FreeNAS 11.2 an encrypted offsite cloud backup. Done that for some years with Backblaze and never had a problem. There are lots of howtos on how to achieve this with...
  2. Mathew111

    error when uploading the file to the FreeNAS server via FTP

    Hello, I have FreeNAS-11.1-U1. While i uploading file 400MB to the Freenas via FTP the connection is broken for a moment and I need to upload the file again and again. I cant upload more than 300 MB. I have checked log error. is CRITICAL. Fail: 1, Warn: 0, Pass: 0...
  3. Guinea

    Automatic Phone Picture Uploads?

    Is this possible to accomplish? I would like to have an automated system on my phone and my wife's phone that automatically uploads pictures to my FreeNAS storage in a specific directory whenever the phones connect to the local wireless network in the house. Basically when I get home from work...