1. V

    Deluge Jail Not Extracting Completed Downloads

    Brand new to FreeNAS so please be kind, but the title says it all. I've managed to configure Sonarr & Deluge jails to work together and download files successfully. The problem I'm having is Deluge is not extracting the completed RAR files. Deluge has a built in plugin for extracting files and...
  2. molotov_kazic

    How To: qBittorrent - Automatically Extract/unrar Upon Torrent Completion

    Howdy Everyone, I've started the transition away from uTorrent and my Windows machine and gone the FreeNAS route with qBittorrent. Thanks to this forum post How To: Install qBittorrent in a jail I was able to get everything up and running smoothly. However as we all know that not every...
  3. D


    Hola buenas soy nuevo en el foro no tengo mucha experiencia en FREENAS pero he podido montar un NAS he podido instalar JDownloader en un jail en FREENAS el unico problema que presenta es que cada que se reinicia el servidor tengo que incializar el Jdownloader desde la consola de la jail quisiera...