uncorrectable parity/crc error

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    FreeNAS reports /dev/ada1 problem... How to identify ada1?

    I am getting errors (probably due to bad SATA cable) that are showing in the logs: SMART seems to be OK so I am trying to understand if there is a way to identify the SATA port on the motherboard that ada1 corresponds to so that I can replace that cable.
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    Freenas keep rebooting its self Please help!!!!

    My system was working fine with out any issue. But now every time I turn it on after few min its keep rebooting with this error msg. Please see the picture in the attachment?
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    SOLVED Real world implications of "Uncorrectable parity/CRC error"

    Hi team, I've searched for and found a great thread here on how to track down the source of a "Uncorrectable parity/CRC error''. But I notice there is no discussion on the real world impact of getting one of those errors. What does it actually mean for your data that is being written at that...
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    Uncorrectable parity/CRC error on SSD

    Hi, I have 9 x WD Red 6 TB ( RAIDZ1) and 1 x 256 GB SSD for jails... I have no problems on HDDs.. But on SSD I sometimes get the error below.. Nov 25 07:52:13 freenas (ada10:ahcich15:0:0:0): WRITE_FPDMA_QUEUED. ACB: 61 00 a0 8c 3e 40 12 00 00 01 00 00 Nov 25 07:52:13 freenas...