unavil disk

  1. jringer77

    Disk UNAVAIL

    Hi, I don't know what to do here. I'm not sure if the pool is missing a disk or if something else is going on. I should have a total of 9 disks, I think. 8xHDDs (4 per zpool), plus one SATA Flash boot drive (came with FreeNAS Mini XL). I just set up my new FreeNAS Mini XL (diskless), by moving...
  2. G

    UNAVIL disk in stable mirror Freenas

    Hi. I have just run into a problem with a system I setup about 2 years ago with Freenas and 6x3tb setup as a mirrored system. There have never been any issues with this system, it runs only when needed and has been very stable. The disks were new when they were added. In the last...