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    upgrade to 11.2-beta2 - cannot login to UI

    trying to login to the console, which previously worked on the same address in v11.1-U5 - http://192.168.2.XX:55400/ui/sessions/signin popup on UI reads: "System is not yet available, please wait". (please see screenshot.) although I can't access the UI, all the jails are up and running, and...
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    UI doesn't work after installing latest 11.1 updates

    All, I have been using FreeNAS for a few years now, and it goes like a dream - that said, I've hit a snag. I (through the UI) installed all the latest updates to 11.1. There were updates to the OS and all kinds of things to be done. Now, the NAS works fine, but the UI does not. I can SSH to...