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  1. heedthewarning

    Syncthing between 2 FreeNAS servers with file ownership via NFS on Ubuntu 18

    I have a home and an office FreeNAS setup with both upgraded to 11.2. I have successfully installed and set up Syncthing to sync both FreeNAS servers to each other. I have NFS sharing set up from my home and office Ubuntu 18 PCs where /etc/fstab have entries to automatically mount each shared...
  2. L

    Ubuntu clients can't connect to FreeNAS via SMB + AD

    I have a FreeNAS box serving student home directories via Samba. Users can log into the FreeNAS from any Mac or Windows machine on campus and mount their home directory via smb://someuser@my.server.edu (Mac) or //my.server.edu/ (Windows). The FreeNAS is bound to our campus AD system which...
  3. TheAllen

    VM/bhyve returns to install "disk"

    I'm very new to VMs under FreeNAS-11.0-RELEASE (a2dc21583) but I've been using FreeNAS as a file server for quite a while. Thought I'd give this a whirl. Set up a VM with 2 virtual CPUs, Memory Size: 2,000 MiB, Boot: UEFI Created a zvol 70GiB in size at the top level of an existing...