1. S

    Very slow space reclamation

    Hi Gurus, I have a Raidz-2 X 3 array built out of enterprise 8TB drives in a SAS enclosure connected to SAS 3008 adapter. Drives seem to be healthy according to smart After extensive snapshot cleanup and removal of a child dataset and a reboot, It takes a very long time to import the pool...
  2. S

    Current iSCSI recommendations with large RAM?

    TL;DR: I think I am hitting a well-known ZFS issue where iSCSI is tanking because large NAS RAM is causing large transaction group sizes to be used, causing server-side timeouts on iSCSI. The most recent advice on this is quite old on these forums, and not really suited to 11.0/11.1. I also...
  3. anodos

    Samba Socket Options

    It seems like almost every website I've seen recommends various tweaks to the "socket options" parameter in Samba. Samba defaults to socket options = TCP_NODELAY. Here are some common socket options websites recommend: TCP_NODELAY - disables Nagle's algorithm default in Samba. IPTOS_LOWDELAY...