transmission jail watch

  1. Myriad

    Set up Torguard VPN for Transmission on Freenas 11.1 – Updated for 2018!

    Nowadays, it is prudent to protect your privacy when downloading torrents on the net. A few lawsuits have recently been brought against ISP’s by businesses seeking damages from users allegedly downloading illegal content. Many of these lawsuits have centered on trying to get the ISP’s to...
  2. emk2203

    How to change file ownership properly in jail by a script?

    I am running transmission in a jail and would like to have the resulting downloaded files to have a different owner than the transmission user. I know that I can run transmission as a different user by adding transmission_user and transmission_group to the jail's rc.conf, but then I have one...
  3. H

    transmission jail - watch folder

    I created a user&group named transmission. I created a dataset transmission with windows permissions and assigned the transmission user & group to that dataset. Then i installed the transmission plugin and added a storage to the jail. My folder structure inside the jail is. /media...