1. M

    Hardlink/Symlink from transmission to Plex and still be able to seed and use filebot

    Hi, I want to be able to Hardlink/Symlink from my transmission folder to my Plex folder so my media doesn't take up double the space considering what limited space I am working with. I want to be able to use FileBot to organize my media and I would be managing everything through windows although...
  2. Z

    All plugins are off after freenas server moved to a different network

    I moved my freenas to a complete different network setup which results in a different ip/subnet. Before I had 192.168.188.x as a ip and now I have The result is that all my plugins which are in seperate jails are off and I get the following errors: Jan 19 23:17:51 theVault...
  3. Barlog951

    Transmission run only in one CPU core

    Hi I have a problem with my transmission I have FreeNAS 11.2 and lates transmission installed from new GUI But in my 4 core CPU use only one core ( use max 100%, controlled by htop ) Is there some config for this? Or do I do something wrong? Thanks
  4. I

    Transmission VPN peer listening port problems

    Kära vänner! Goddag! I've faced a strange problem with my Transmission which no longer can use peer listening port. For some reason, Transmission can no longer use any port for peer listening. I've been able to use it before, without any deeper configuration (everything seemed to work...
  5. bazsi44

    Same source for PLEX+Transmission

    Hi! I have the following strucutre: I have a MEDIA dataset at /mnt/vol_1/MEDIA in my Storage, with media as group and user owner. I also have a plex and transmission jail. Both installed clean, nothing changed. Now, I am trying to achieve that both of them points to the MEDIA folder. Plex...
  6. Z

    Transmission permission denied after changing storage of couchpotato jail

    I recently encountered problem with sickrage, deleting movies downloaded via couchpotato because the output folder of sickrage and couchpotato were the same. So I edited the storage of my couchpotato jail /media/downloads. After that I got errors when a movie was downloaded: transmission_1...
  7. Z

    How to restore plugins which old settings after a fresh install

    I had to do a fresh installation of freenas where after I imported my old pool which also contains all the storages of the plugin jails. The plugins I want to re-install are Transmission, Sickrage, Couchpotato, Plex, btsync. The transmission jail also had openvpn installed including my vpn...
  8. M

    How to move a downloaded file to a different folder automatically

    Hi guys, I would like to move automatically move completed downloads into different folders. I know that there are plugins like Couchpotato, SickBeard, etc..that can automate the process, but these plugins work if you use Transmission The thing is that for downloading files I use both aMule...
  9. puredata

    Transmission doesn't start after reboot

    Hi community, first post here. I'm a new FreeNAS user, I'm using both osx and windows machines to connect. Still trying to get a grasp of the system and spent some time trying to set up transmission correctly. Last night I was able to fix my permission issues and was able to find which folder...