tiered storage

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    Setting up hot and cold tiers using SSD and HDD

    Hello Everyone, I'm building a system using a supermicro X10QBI machine, my initial plan was to have a 6 SSD's for my hot-tier and 8 HDD's for my cold-tier. I have 2 individual raid controllers on the box and i'm ready to install freenas. I wanted to ask the community as I've googled around but...
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    Tiered storage - Mech + SSD in same pool or in separate pools?

    Short version: Does it make any sense to add SSD mirror VDevs to mechanical drive mirrors? Is FreeNAS smart enough to put 'hot data' on the SSD portion of the pool and the rest of the data on the slower spindles; or do you only gain capacity in the pool by doing so? Is it better to have two...