sync issues

  1. goldfix

    Error when Cloud Syncs is scheduled

    Hello, A couple days ago I installed my first Freenas on a assembled PC. There are not problems except on a scheduling of Cloud Syncs. I'm using version: FreeNAS-11.1-U6.3 When scheduling a Cloud Syncs with Azure Blob Storage and I try to execute task manually, there are not problems. When I...
  2. W

    NAS Replication Complications

    I have tried to setup the replication according to the documentation and am having issues. Build: FreeNAS-9.10.1-U4 (ec9a7d3) NAS-01: Push NAS-02: Pull Directions: section 8.2 Issue: The replication from NAS-01 to NAS-02 is failing. I am getting...
  3. W

    RSYNC between Two FreeNAS Only Showing Folders

    I have two FreeNAS servers 9.10-STABLE that are syncing folders, not files. What are they: server for family photos: nas-01 server for syncing offsite: nas-02 nas-01 is sharing a windows share to allow me to dump all the family photos on nas-02 is in a data center and is used as a backup...