supermicro x11ssl-cf

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    SM X11SSL-CF + Crucial 4x16GB CT16G4WFD8213: Crashing

    For anybody considering SM-X11 + Crucial-ECC: I'm running SM+Crucial since summer now and it keeps sometimes crashing - not often, but ugly enough. It just reboots with no log entries. After the automatically following reboot is triggered another bug, this time SM BIOS, telling you "No RAM...
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    BUILD First FreeNas Build

    I've done a lot of research over the last month or two and I'm about to pull the pin on my first FreeNas Build. I'll be using it primarily for media storage and I'll be using plex, couchpotato and transmission. I'll also be upgrading my home network and using a dedicated Pfsense box as a...