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    Supermicro FreeNAS build

    Thanks in advance for any input! I'm a huge fan of FreeNAS and currently run two different self-built systems for my own personal use. I've now got the green light to repurpose a storage server at work that was previously running Windows to be our new storage platform in a datacenter...
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    Assembling a home NAS

    Hello Everybody, I'm new on the NAS world and I want to build a 540Tb home NAS based on FreeNAS. Here's my hardware : 1 x Supermicro SSG-6048R-E1CR24H 2 x SuperChassis 846BE1C-R1K03JBOD 56 x Western Digital Gold edition WD101KRYZ 10Tb storage 1 x TP LINK TL-SG1024 1Gbs switch With this...
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    SOLVED Asrock C2550DI with SuperMicro SuperChassis - Header Pinout

    Hello - I am looking for some help with my current build. I am using the following components: Chassis: MB...
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    Server/AV Rack Recommendations

    I am looking for recommendations for a server rack for my home theater. It will be a FreeNAS build using the following chassis: Supermicro 846BE16-R1K28B I am looking for something with a glass door or something along those lines. Something aesthetically pleasing. It will be tucked away in...