1. S

    What reasonably priced hard drives do people use?

    I have a small NAS on which I'd like to start to expand the storage. My primary pool uses WD Reds but my other pools were set up with non-NAS drives that I had lying around at the time and it is those I'd like to change out to increase storage space and improve redundancy. Unfortunately...
  2. A

    Compatibility- Existing x10DaI Setup

    Hi there, guys. I've been reading random posts in this forum for a while- been jumping back in and out of planning my NAS build for well over two years now. I'm a motion graphics designer with my own SuperMicro workstation I built back in 2015, and want to migrate my files over to a completely...
  3. krizzo

    Manual setup Z2 or default 2 mirror vdevs?

    I'm creating a new pool as my current pool raidz2 8x2T drives is nearing 90%. I have four 6T drives and two 5T drives. I keep debating which setup I want to go with as I do plan on replacing the two 5T drives with 6T drives in the future. I figured by the time this new pool gets close to full...
  4. M

    FreeNAS '11' and replication

    (If this isn't the most appropriate place to put this post, I apologize) I'd like to talk about making replication between FreeNAS hosts better and more reliable in the next (real) release. I've had several bad experiences with replication in the past on FreeNAS 8.x and 9.x, enough that I...