1. K

    permission to execute poweroff with user other than root

    Hello guys, with FN 9.x I was able to execute a ssh command (passwordless ssh) from another machine which would login to FN and execute a poweroff. To obtain this, I needed to make this script run at every boot on FN side: echo "userxxx ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown" >>...
  2. jg3

    AD user can't sudo

    Hello, Problem: My AD shell account password always fails when using sudo. I have AD auth to my Windows 2012 server working fine, and no other (known) (FreeNAS) problems. I can SSH using my AD password. In trying to follow the tutorial on how to set up a jail I have to run a command like...
  3. chris pucknell

    How to remove the Sudo Password Prompt

    Hi there I'm the only user one who is ever going to use this server (beyond plex users) and the sudo password prompt is annoying! I think it might get in the way of my phone using tasker to SSH in and run commands, or at least make it more complicated. I know there is a way to remove the...
  4. celso.lom

    Active Directory - SUDO

    Boa tarde! Gostaria de saber se existe alguma maneira de adicionar um usuário do AD ao SUDO. Grato!