ssh keys

  1. K

    Cannot find exact location of any and all SSH host key files.

    Hello. I am trying to verify my sever's SSH fingerprint so i don't get MITM'd. Every guide i find on google tells me that the host keys are stored in /etc/ssh/ , however, my /etc/ssh folder only contains the config files and a moduli file. I have searched the forum here for a solution but have...
  2. zamana

    SOLVED 11.2-U6: sync errors... Should I downgrade to U5?

    I did upgrade from U5 to U6 by using a new boot device and then restoring the config file. This morning I received e-mails from my FreeNas with errors regarding my "Replication Tasks", all of them about "permission denied" due to ssh keys etc, even though I had updated all of them yesterday...