snapshot restoration

  1. Susanne Jaeckel

    Restore eines Remote-Snapshots

    Hallo zusammen, wir nutzen schon seit einiger Zeit das wunderbare FreeNAS (nachdem eine Mallware unsere Laufwerke verschlüsselt hatte, durfte ich auch die geniale Möglichkeit nutzen, auf einen Snapshot wieder zurückzuspielen, so das nach 20 Minuten der ganze Hokuspokus vergessen war! :-) Jetzt...
  2. W

    SOLVED Revert a snapshot rollback

    Just in between doing a lot of file work and a backup (and snapshot), I needed to move files between datasets using new datasets that were just created. Long story short, I rolled back to a snapshot that was created before all these new files were created as well as the datasets. My new issue...
  3. SwisherSweet

    Is a ZFS Snapshot to an external disk a backup?

    I'm considering backup strategies: - Rsync to external drive - Snapshot to external drive I understand rsync will recreate files in the destination drive. I also read others are using scheduled snapshots to make a backup of their pool. However, I'm not sure if one could recover from a...
  4. A

    SOLVED How to permanently use a snapshot (Recovery to a snapshot)

    Hi, A computer on my network was infected with ransomware which encrypted all the files on my FreeNAS. After cleaning all computers on the network, I cloned the last known good snapshots of all volumes and started running off these cloned drives in production. How can I make this permanent...
  5. R

    Lost Data - VMWare deleted contents of datastore. It's still on the SAN i pray

    Was removing old SAN connections off a host and added new dynamic identifier at the same time. Then I went and was deleting expired storage containers and vsphere did an auto refresh and deleted the disconnected storage containers while it added the new ones from the FreeNAS SAN, I inadvertently...