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smb acces

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    Brauche Hilfe mit Berechtigungen

    Guten Abend, ich hoffe mal ihr könnt mir helfen. Ich habe gestern wieder mal alles verbockt was man verbocken kann ich habe Webdav ausprobiert was auch Funktionierte nur beim umstieg auf SMB zurück Funktionierte garnichts mehr. Mir wird zwar angezeigt das ich Vollzugrif habe aber ich kann meine...
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    Windows won't ask for identification

    I really hope this hasn't been asked before, I did some digging but I couldn't find anyone who has the same problem as me. I am running freenas 11.1 and am trying to run a SMB. I have done this before successfully, but I upgraded freenas from HDD to an usb, as I needed the sata port on the...
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    Guest User is able to see all SMB shares

    Hi there everyone Im new to FreeNAS and basically I want to accomplish this for my server I have a guest share for guest users and I have another share that is for authentic users only to access but when connecting in on the guest user Mac/PC it sees the other share but can not access it...
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    SMB Sharing Help

    Hi There I have 2 SMB Shares one for Guests only and the other one is for users only but I can't get the user only share to appear on a Mac account and I dont want to do network discovery because that will make it show on the guest side to any suggestions to how I can have my user only share...
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    Post 11.1 Update Samba Share Issue

    Hello All, I have updated to 11.1 on FreeNAS the other day. And now, am experiencing some issues. Just to give you some background: - We have about 7 virtual machines running on our server with VMWare Esxi hyper-visor. We create our windows 10 image and then upload to our FOG server to image...