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    DiskIAnalyser 0.2 Beta

    This is an early work-in-progress, It's a simple python script to run on TrueNAS server to analyze the SMART disk reports using ChatGPT. The goal is to leverage the GPT3.5 and GPT4 API to read your disk's SMART reports and generate simplified reports with health scores and detailled summary of...
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    SMART output assistance requested

    Hello, I've recently acquired a FreeNAS server and am busy putting it through some tests before trusting it in the home lab. My first clue something may be amiss was an apparent reboot the first night since the uptime reported starting at ~5AM the morning after. Searching online brought me to...
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    Possible Failing Drive Help

    Hi all, I'm still learning FreeNAS and this alert I got this morning after a reboot has be a bit concerned. I'm not sure if its a SMART hdd alert. I have setup SMART scans (2 shorts a week and a long every other week). I don't get any reports or emails after a scan runs, so i'm not sure if its...
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    specify critical temperature alarm SSD!=HDD

    Hi I would like to set critical alarm temperature for HDD to 40 degree Celsius and for SSD to 55. Unfortunately I can only find a general setting which is applicable for all drives. Is there a way to adjust this? with every scrub i get alerts from my SSDs