slow speed

  1. Nephalem

    Transfers from Freenas server slow down after a few seconds, can't figure out why

    Hi Everyone, First post here. I've been playing with my new Freenas server for a while, tweaking it, and so far, performance is terrific (I kinda overkilled it for my needs but that doesn't matter). I have started encountering a VERY annoying problem which I can't solve after a LOT of...
  2. typhonragewind

    Slow write speeds on new system

    Hello everyone! I've recently (2 days ago) joined the ranks of FreeNas owners, after building my machine and i have been learning to operate it. I'm very, very green when it comes to networking, so please bear with me. Hardware: Motherboard: Supermicro X11SCN-F RAM: 16gb ECC CPU: Intel Xeon...
  3. R

    External Nextcloud download speed very slow

    Hi all, before describing the problem, here's the setup: FreeNAS-11.1-U2 with a Nexcloud jail that is reachable outside via port forwarding. Only accessible via https. Everything works fine, except the download speed when outside of the local network. Internally I get about 50 MB/s...