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  1. acquacow

    FreeNAS 11.1-U6 10GigE writes, 150MB/sec reads (iperf is fine)

    Hi, New to FreeNAS, have it setup on a supermicro xeon-D 1541, 16GB of DRAM, with four Intel S3500 480GB SSDs as one storage pool and eight 7200RPM HGST 4TB drives as a second pool. Switch is a Netgear XS708T, jumbo frames were on, but I've shut them off everywhere currently while...
  2. E

    SOLVED Very slow 6 MB/sec read speeds vs 111 MB/sec writes on FreeNAS 11 stable

    Hi team, new FreeNAS user (FreeNAS 11-Stable) on new hardware for video editing needs. I am migrating from an ancient Thecus NAS. While I wait for the new disk order to arrive, I have built the system but am using retired but error free 3x 1TB disks and 1 x 2TB disk to experiment with. I am...