1. P

    Slack Alert?? - Alerting in general

    So i want to setup slack alerts so i can get all of my main alerts on the same platform. I've read the documentation which is real basic and mentioned nothing specific to Slack config. I've pasted the webhook URL (including https) in the webhook box and left the rest blank. Right from the...
  2. J

    Alert Integration with Slack - Intermittent Timeout Errors

    Hey, I recently setup the Alert integration with Slack and I am receiving intermittent errors as per below: vault APP [4:53 PM] @4:53PM :x: is *CRITICAL* Consul monitoring report *Changes:* Fail = 1, Warn = 0, Pass = 0 *[vault.local:nas-health]* Service 'nas-health' check is *critical.*...
  3. S

    How do I configure Slack as alert service

    I know it's supported - it's listed in documentation, I can find it in the UI - but I literally don't know what do I put in which field. Documentation pretty much only says it's there, and I wasn't able to find more information on the forums. Can someone tell me how can I configure it?
  4. K

    configuring alert services

    I am running FreeNAS 11.0-U1 and setup pagerduty (API key) and slack (webhook url) alerts. We had a failed drive and got just the email from the root user setup. What am I missing? My slack hook is setup to post to the channel I want so I should just need the URL.
  5. cmh

    FN 11RC1 sending test to alert services

    Installed 11RC1 last night on my backup FN box, love being able to just switch trains to do the upgrade. Looking through the new features so I can hopefully provide some useful feedback. Trying to set up the alert services - I can test Slack and PagerDuty and have set up targets on the...