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shared problem

  1. Marc Locchi

    IOCAGE can see shared folders and files, but PLEX shows empty libraries

    I just installed 11.2 from 9.x and Iam having trouble with Plex seeing my media files. I followed the instructions here to set up Windows shares: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxggaE935PM. This all works OK and I can access from windows the shares, write to them. After installing plex, I...
  2. H

    AD authentification avec Partage réseau

    Bonjour à toute la communauté,j'aurai besoin de votre aide, voici mon problème : J'ai un active directory me permettant d'authentifier tous mes utilisateurs qui appartiennent à mon domaine. Puisque effectivement j'ai besoin d'avoir des profils itinérants pour que ces derniers puissent retrouver...
  3. A

    Not getting the windows authentication prompt for a FreeNAS share directory

    I have set up a FreeNAS box (FreeNAS 9.10.2). Created two windows share test1 and test2. There is two different users (also test1 & test2) and and groups (test1 & test2) for individual access to the share.i.e. test1 user of test1 group will only access test1 share and vice versa. Now the...
  4. A

    Some folders not visible via AFP (only sometimes)

    Hi, I have a freenas which has been using CIFS for about a year. A few days ago I enabled AFP for some of my volumes that are in use by Macs because I noticed that the throughput increased about sixfold (from ~14MBps to ~85 MBps). But I noticed that one of my folders on a volume that I use...
  5. C

    SOLVED problem accessing shared folder after last windows 10 update

    Hello, after installing the latest patch for Windows 10 released between 02/09/2016 and 09/05/2016 he no longer access shared folders on nas. or tried to change CIFS Server protocol minimum ------------------- and maximum server protocol SMB3_11 but still can not access the folders. If I sign...