1. PetrZ

    Script to set ACLs recursively

    I didn't found simple way to set ACLs using provided tools, so I wrote basic script. Feel free to use it, but there is no guarantee. :) It is using bash and I run it with redirected stderr: ./ 2>error.log #!/usr/bin/env bash export ROOT_DIR="/mnt/DATA"...
  2. guermantes

    Did I just muck up? (setfacl -x frustration)

    I'll spare you the rant about SSH directory/file permissions for newly created users, but I after three hours I was finally getting some hang of how to use setfacl. But it took many hours for a small thing, and I was very frustrated about the complexity of setfacl, and the fact that many...
  3. S

    Восстановление прав доступа (ACL)

    Добрый день. Есть СХД на базе ThecusOS, с данной СХД идет бэкап данных и каталогов на СХД под FreeNas 9.10 U6, права доступа записываются в файл с помощью утилиты getfacl. Задача восстановить эти права на системе под управлением уже FreeNas, но, естественно, команда setfacl --restore тут уже не...
  4. techmattr

    SOLVED setfacl fails with invalid argument

    So I'm trying to set everyone full access on a Windows share. The GUI doesn't seem to allow setting permissions. It defaults to 775 no matter what. So I'm trying to use setfacl to update the everyone user and no matter what I use for -m entries it throws Invalid argument. [root@freenas01]...