security run output

  1. D

    CPU Critical Temperature Alerts in Daily Security Run

    Beginning with the 11.2 upgrade almost every day I get a "local security run" email with critical temperature detected messages on one or more cores like the following: > coretemp3: critical temperature detected, suggest system shutdown > coretemp2: critical temperature detected, suggest system...
  2. L

    How to disable freenas.local daily security run output?

    Hi I just installed FreeNAS 11.1U2. I have daily email "freenas.local daily security run output". Is there a way to disable it?
  3. V

    SOLVED Unusual Authentication Activity in Security Logs

    I started seeing some unusual activity in authentication logs and would like to establish if anyone has any experience with this and if: 1) is it malicious? 2) can it be prevented? Without taking the server offline Nov 5 02:37:29 freenas sshd[91629]: Invalid user admin from
  4. duggulous

    A guide to interpreting daily security run output?

    Is there any kind of documentation somewhere on the meanings of items in the daily security run output? I get emails fairly often, and I have no idea if they are alerting me to a potential problem, or telling me everything is working like it should be, or just randomly listing characteristics of...
  5. Larry Tate

    Kernel Error message help

    Hi, I've got a new FreeNAS build which runs flawlessly. But I just received an error message email from the daily security run: pid 5035 (mono-sgen), uid 989: exited on signal 6 Is there some place where I can research what this means? Or can someone give me a tip here?