1. David Henrickson

    Cannot format hard drive

    Hello everyone. Below I have a few photos. One of which is my specs that are always asked for. Anyways, I have a hard drive that will NOT format/wipe. I'm new to using FreeNAS (started last August of 2018?) so I am not familiar with all of the shell codes that everyone uses. I try to use the...
  2. T

    One pending sector: Anything to worry about?

    I'm running six Seagate Constellation ES.3 drives in RAIDZ2 and recently had to replace one due to a high count of unreadable sectors. Now another of my drives is showing a single unreadable sector. I'd feel bad exchanging another drive with the seller so is there any way of repairing the bad...
  3. gegtor

    Set disk sector size

    I have very specific windows app that need disk configured in 4096 bytes per sector and bytes per physical sector also 4096 How i can set this up? My current state:
  4. T

    SOLVED Unable to reset Current_Pending_Sector (SMART)

    Update: I ended up RMAing the drive as it was *just* within the 3 year WD Red warranty (last month). Included the SMART error log. No questions asked. Also got a spare one to prevent a similar lengthy downtime in the future. And finally I made sure all drives were selected in the (short/long)...