1. A

    be quiet! Dark Power 13 1000 vs Seasonic Electronics Vertex GX-1200

    Aside from the fact that both are challenging to get, the Be Quiet seems more reachable from overseas. Both supporting ATX 3, PCIe 5, etc. Future proof power supply. Feel safer buying the seasonic but maybe I'm just naive and the Be Quiet is well respected? Also prefer the 1200 headroom...
  2. raid40000

    PSU for 12 drives

    So, I have this board X11SSH-CTF with a (Skylake) Xeon E3 and I am planning to buy this PSU 500W seasonic, SS-500L2U. I have 12 WD NAS RED (3TB) and maxed out RAM. Will 500W suffice ? CPU is: 80 W TDP. Drives are: 4W (let's say 10W) Board: can be probably ignored RAM: can be probably ignored...