sd card

  1. SpiritFly

    Install FreeNAS 11 to SD Card?

    I've done a bit of searching around this forum and found a few threads discussing this, and my general conclusion was: not recommended because sd cards can wear faster, but will work. The threads I've read were from around 2013 so I was wondering if this has changed maybe. Will FreeNAS work...
  2. Palladini

    What to run FreeNAS on?

    Every video I have watched about FreeNAS, say to put in on CD or DVD, the when you run that you set it run a USB drive. I do understand that totally, but the question I have, instead of a USB Drive, could I run this on a SD card, if the computer has a card reader in it? I have an 8 GB SD Card...
  3. G

    USB card reader

    Can I attach a USB SD/multi-card reader to my FreeNAS server to make the contents of SD cards available on the network through NFS or some other method? What's the filesystem/driver support like?