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    New on FC hardware from a DIY perspective (sata to FC and FC questions)

    Hello, I have the oportunity to get some EMC DAEs for free and also some FC cards, they are 4gc FC, from a CX3, and in one of the shelves there was some 1TB SATA drives with FC to SATA. My questions are: do I have any size limit in the drives I use due to the FC to SATA Interposer? (something...
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    Build suggestions?

    Hey guys I'm planning on starting a FreeNAS build with a Supermicro X9SCL and an e3-1220L (low power i3 performance). I still haven't finalized my storage configuration but I had a few questions. DDR3 Registered RAM is so much cheaper than unbuffered RAM that I think it might be cheaper to find...