1. Chris Moore

    Dell PowerEdge R710 - Invalid PCIe card found in the Internal Storage slot!

    If you have a Dell PowerEdge R710 or you have contemplated getting one, you might want to watch this video, because the creator of the video explains the cause of the error and shows how to fix it. Yes, you can use the internal storage slot.
  2. R

    BUILD Need help finding P14 LSI firmare and sas2flash version 14

    I am trying to flash a new LSI SAS 92174i4e to it-mode and I need the sas2flash version 14 since this is an HP flashed card. The latest version P20 from LSI/Broadcom errors out when I try to update to the P20 2118it.bin. I found a thread on another forum where he used the P14 version (which...
  3. Eds89

    Current recommendations on 9207-8i firmware version

    Hi All, Is there a current recommendation on firmware version to use on an LSI 9207-8i, for the latest builds of FreeNAS? Is P20 ok, I should I be rolling back to P16? Cheers Eds
  4. E

    LSI HBA Serial Number / Board Tracer Number

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way to get the serial number that's printed on the sticker on the board using a tool like sas2flash. For some reason, when I tried the sas2flash program (in DOS - probably archaic) it just says "N/A" next to the Board Tracer Number which is where I understand the...