1. G

    SOLVED LSI SAS2008 HBA (aka 9211-8i ?) Q: Firmware Upgrade? to stop BIOS detection + fix hotswap not working.

    Main Question: ----------------------- Running Freenas 11.2-U8 on a Dell Poweredge T310 on an aftermarket OEM LSI HBA card already in IT mode, that I thought was an LSI 9211-8i, but it turns out its actually an OEM IBM 9200 / SAS2008. I honestly have no idea what LSI card is equal to what, I am...
  2. Q

    Seagate IronWolf 10TB (ST10000VN0004) vs LSI IT firmware controllers

    I've been looking for the right place to post this and I believe this is it. To be brief, I've been working on a YouTube series where I'm building a 100TB ZFS based server. Not all Enterprise grade hardware (it's for at home) and not using FreeBSD/FreeNAS (I have some different requirements)...
  3. Chris Moore

    Informational videos, mostly about SAS hardware

    These are some interesting YouTube videos that explain a good bit about SAS (and other things) in an easy to consume format: Dell H310 mini card with LSI IT mode firmware How to fix: "Invalid PCIe card found in the Internal Storage...
  4. N

    LSI HBA Questions

    I've read though the FreeNAS Community Hardware Guide 2016-10 Edition (Revision 1e) and if I understand what I've read, to support SATA3 (6G) Hard drives I need an LSI SAS2008 based HBA, and whatever I buy must be crossflashed. In the guide it mentions the LSI SAS 9211, SAS 9240, SAS 9207...