samba smb acl control

  1. PetrZ

    Script to set ACLs recursively

    I didn't found simple way to set ACLs using provided tools, so I wrote basic script. Feel free to use it, but there is no guarantee. :) It is using bash and I run it with redirected stderr: ./ 2>error.log #!/usr/bin/env bash export ROOT_DIR="/mnt/DATA"...
  2. S

    Samba vfs_zfsacl: should I set acedup="dontcare", or leave at default "merge"?

    The two relevant parameters of the acedup property are described in the samba docs as follows: This parameter configures how Samba handles duplicate ACEs encountered in ZFS ACLs. ZFS allows/creates duplicate ACE for different bits for same ID. dontcare (default) - copy the ACEs as they come...
  3. M

    Unable to view users from Windows

    I've been doing everything I can for 3 days and I still cannot solve this problem. Please help if you have experienced the same. Current setup: - FreeNAS11-U3 - Hosname is set to "freenas.local" - SMS NetBIOS name and alias are set to "FREENAS" - created a user "admin" in "wheel" group -...