samba ad active directory

  1. bazzacad

    Considering moving from a Samba file server to FreeNAS, looking for advice

    We're currently running a CentOS Samba Active Directory server & a Samba file server (on different VMs). I'm now considering moving to a FreeNAS box for our shared storage. Since FreeNAS has SMB & Active Directory built in, I'm wondering if we still need our Samba file server or not? Option 1...
  2. averyfreeman

    OOB Sharing / user auth in Windows Domain environment

    Dear moderators, Would it be possible to move this post to this forum? @anodos can you help me with this issue in above post? #44 in "For those who love ZFS" Issues with drop-in FreeNAS Windows domain...
  3. itm001

    Freenas as Active Directory Member - samba share access when domain controller is offline

    Hi, I added Freenas as a domain member to a Windows Server 2012 r2 domain controller without problems. Would like to have access to the samba shares using the active directory permissions when the domain controller is offline. Can Freenas use something like "cashed credentials" so the shares...
  4. J

    FN 11.2 RC1 AD : show domain name/username in list, auditing and "Computer Management/System Tools"

    Hi All, Great work on FreeNAS 11.2 RC1 and the Windows AD integration! Info : I have Windows server 2003 with the same old schema with trusts, old baggage and it works amazingly fine. Issue 1: When I try to "Change Permissions" on the dataset I first saw a few domain usernames, so I typed...