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  1. A

    My FreeNAS server FOR SALE! Clean build, 8 Core Intel, 21TB, BRAND NEW!

    A short while back, I had the itch to build a FreeNAS server (thanks to this site!). I never put the machine into use and it's been collecting dust on my desk ever since. It's compact, quiet, extremely fast, with huge storage capacity for its size and virtually brand new! (Please forgive me as...
  2. schoolpost

    NORCO RPC-4224 FreeNAS System For Sale

    New to the forum, not sure if there is a "For-Sale" section or something akin to that on this forum. *****UPDATE: SOLD******* Selling 4U Norco NAS System due to space constraints having to let go of my Rack, so looking to sell my rack mount systems. Has served me great for quite some time...