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    collectd / RRD unable to connect to rrdcached: No such file or directory

    Hello everyone As stated in the title, this is the error I see everytime I shutdown or restart my FreeNAS. Picture of it is attached. I've looked in the forum and found the following: https://www.ixsystems.com/community/threads/rrdcached-plugin-failed-to-connect.76516/ Sadly, unticking and...
  2. Intel

    Upgrade to 9.10.1 broke my Reporting/rrd graphs (nan values)

    Hi, I was running 9.10-STABLE-201606270534 with huge success, then 9.10.1 was released and it broke many things including the UI so I enabled an older version to boot from and it seems to have corrupted my rrd graphs. Today I upgraded to 9.10.1-U2 and it seems like my rrd graphs are still...