1. S

    Help needed - How to use a jail as gateway for internal LAN

    I've installed openvpn client in a jail - which is working fine (guide) now I want to use the vpn connection with the deluge jail Following the FreeBSD as router guideline I've set gateway_enable="YES" in /etc/rc.conf and set the vpn jail as gateway in deluge but I cannot reach any...
  2. itskando

    SOLVED What does VNET serve? Does Plex require a VNET?

    Someone in this thread suggested that I enable VNET for my Plex jail. (It didn't help my original issue and actually made things worse, but that was likely because I wasn't setting things up correctly.) It led me to look up VNETs and some other networking things. I didn't find much in the way...
  3. tbaror

    Assign same IP range to another interface in same segment ,for iscsi network

    Hello, I would like to create Xen platform iSCSI based, using FreeNAS as storage with 3 10g interfaces assigned to each LUN. The issue is if can't assign for the 3 10g interfaces same IP, I must do routable iSCSI network , and from reading little bit on it, it's not the most recommended to...