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    SOLVED Can Snapshots Restore File Settings That Were Changed On The Host System?

    Here's my system: FreeNAS version 11.2 U1 Supermicro X11SSM 4 x 4TB IronWolfe in RAIDZ2 Intel - Xeon E3 Crucial - 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) ECC mem So I pulled a rookie mistake and accidentally hit enter on an unfinished command while in root when I was SSH'd into the host. I ended up making...
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    Revert FreeNas drive to be windows usable

    Our system we had dedicated to FreeNas install had moboard die before we got any real use of it, and we won't be upgrading the board, but we have these 4 great drives we'd like to use in Windows/Mac systems. Any advice / utility that will convert the freenas drives to a windows-usable state?