1. Zou

    Is it possible to restart the sshd service in command line ?

    I'm in vacation and I try to activate the ssh tunneling in my FreeNas. So I've uncomment the "AllowTcpForwarding yes" option to the sshd_config file but now I try restart the service to make the changes active. (I don't have access to the WebUI). I've tested "service sshd restart" and I got...
  2. K

    Plex Needs a Reinstall Every Server Restart

    So, some backstory. I have pretty much nothing but plex installed, plus the necessary jails and storage. Every time the server restarts of the power goes out and i have to turn it back on. Plex refuses to boot up. I get a "This site can't be reached", the exact same page you get when putting in...
  3. ZodiacUHD

    SOLVED Restart openvpn daily

    Hello everyone, I looked through the forum but i really didn't get how to setup a cronjob or a script to restart a service (or a jail). I set up transmission with openvpn and PIA, when the connection with the VPN is lost, everything stops. Since i'm not always able to access my NAS, i'd like to...