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  1. N

    Reliability of a single disk ZFS volume

    tldr; Is ZFS suitable for single disk use, or does ZFS make total data loss more likely than file systems like NTFS/FAT? Why I'm asking/what I am trying to achive/understand. I need some major space for nightly backup images. I plan on setting up 2 separate 1 drive pools (BPOOL1/BPOOL2) and...
  2. D

    Is backing up Laptop (uses wifi) to FreeNAS (wired connection) safe and reliable?

    I have a Macbook Pro Retina (late 2015 model) that I was able to configure so that TimeMachine would back up the laptop to my FreeNAS server. The FreeNAS server itself has a wired connection to my network. I am wondering if anyone on the forums has any information about how reliable it is to...