1. H

    Help - need HBA recommendations for ESXI Supermicro server with tiered storage.

    Good day I have a Supermicro CSE-829U that uses a X10DRU-i+ motherboard with ESXI 7 u2 installed, up until now I've been using a Dell PERC h730 to tier my storage, I have the following set up: Chassis: Supermicro CSE-829U 2U 12x 3.5” CPU: Intel xeon e5 2680 v4 RAM: Samsung pc4-2133p ddr4 17000...
  2. _Alchemist_

    Will it FreeNAS? CPU + MoBo + RAM for simple Network Storage

    Hello iX Community :^) I found this example FreeNAS Build Guide and was wondering if it would be a good Idea to base my own FreeNAS Server on that. They use a Fujitsu D3644-B and an Intel Pentium Gold G5400 and 8GiB Kingston DDR4 ECC Memory as the core components. (~240€) My Requirements: -...
  3. D

    Recommendations for a backup server

    Hi, im new here, im trying to do a backup server with a cpu with an intel core i7 4th gen, 16gb of ram, 1 external disk of 2tb, 1 internal disk of 2tb, and 1 disk of 500gb (that i will use for the OS i think), i need to backup like 7 windows computers there, to storage his documents in case of...
  4. P

    Motherboard Recommendations (2018) For intel i3 8100

    Hi guys i have already finalize the specs of my FreeNas Build. I really need motherboard recommendations for this CPU. Below are the specs CPU - i3 8100 Hardisk - Seagate Ironwolf 4tb x4 = 16tb / Raidz2 = 8tb RAM - 16 Gb ECC memory Case - node 804 Power Supply - 500w I really need a...