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    Problem with rebuild raidz2

    Hello, I am pretty new and inexperienced with freenas. I was runing hw raid for a long time so I do understand basics, but not very much in bsd and linux. I have build a 6 drive data storage and one of the drives went dead after few hours. I bought a new drive, replaced the bad one and then...
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    Restarting incremental replication after pool rebuild?

    Hello, we have a FreeNAS backup 'BU1' that probably will need to have its pool rebuilt because of some h/w issues. Currently there is an incremental replication established from BU1 to remote server BU2. However, probably we'd need to rebuild BU1 pool, and because the bandwidth with BU2...
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    Rebuilding mirrored boot USBs on 9.10

    One of my boot usb's (2 Samsung 32gb usb drives, mirrored) has failed. I want to double-check that I understand the right procedure to repair this. First, I understand the easy way to do this would be to just unplug the bad one (presuming I guess correctly which one that is), plug in a new usb...