reboot mess

  1. steve.long

    Network Interfaces on FreeNAS Mini XL unreliable, buggy

    Good afternoon all! I've been plagued by an issue lately which I'd like the experts' input on. I have two identical FreeNAS Mini XLs. One is in the office I work at. One is at the CEO's home and serves as an offsite backup. I send ZFS replications to the offsite FreeNAS throughout the day and...
  2. V

    POOL lost with every reboot

    on the fresh SuperMicro 45bay server with latest FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1 things are going crazy I know it's not a best solution, but we have made 3 hardware raid with AVAGO/LSI megaraid SAS, each with 12 disks then a pool was created with a stripe over three really big virtual disks. on first reboot...