1. F

    Slow Raid-Z2 speeds over 10g

    Hello there! At the moment I am witnessing around half the expected read speeds over SMB (170-230MB/s) when taking my setup into account. I cannot for the life of me figure out where exactly my problem lies and need some help working this out. I did not post this thread in the "Networking"...
  2. J

    RAID-Z2 with only 3 drives?

    Hi, folks: I'm new to FreeNAS. I want to build a server for my archive of home documents and photos. My top priority is to be robust against data loss. I don't demand much performance, and data efficiency is nice but secondary to robustness. My old server is a RAID1 with three 3TB drives...
  3. M

    How much storage 64GB RAM Supports?

    I did my research, I know the rule of thumb (1GB RAM per TB storage). But I also looked at this: I'm building a system with 12 drive bays. Right now, I will put six 10TB drives in it in...