1. D

    Question regarding hdd size when extending pools.

    I’ve tried to search for the answer, but it seems to be an unusual question. Background: I have a server with 16 bays. Current configuration: 4x2TB setup as 6TB total size. Minimum ending configuration: I know how to extend 3x4x2TB for a total of 4x4x2TB I also know how to rebuild and replace...
  2. D

    Replication -How to setup 2x PUSH to 1x PULL, advice needed.

    Hi all, I'm having some questions on setting up a replication "workflow" on the FreeNAS systems that i have deployed, i really need some advice on how to proceed. Hope the forums collective knowledge can pitch in here. My goal is to replicate the snapshots from PUSH 1 and PUSH 2 to one single...
  3. Eispo

    BUILD First NAS (Free-NAS) build, would like some advice.

    Hello overyone, this is my first post on the forum, so be a bit gentle :D I've been surfing the forums, looking at builds and reading whatever advice the sticky sections has to offer when it comes to hardware. The problem is, I'm from Greece, hence a lot hardware mentioned here from newegg is...