1. A

    File version manager (PDM alternative)

    Hi all! I just wanted to start with saying that im new to this forum and to the whole NAS thing! I recently designed a 12 drive NAS case that is intended to hold my project files. I design things for a living and have a lot of personal projects so i wanted a secure place to keep my files while...
  2. PrincePaul

    New NAS with C3000 Series CPU

    Hello Guys, its a long time ago that I was really active in this forum, mainly in the german threads. But now its time to get back into it. My current FreeNAS System is running for over 5 years in 24/7 Mode and I had zero issues so far. Even tho I made some major mistakes in the build process...
  3. Filip Pentikainen

    Inspiration for jail projects

    Hello guys! I recently built a freenas machine and got it up and running. I installed openvpn inside a jail so me and my family can access the server library away from home as well. I was thinking about what other things can be done inside a jail that can be useful... I saw some article about...