power usage

  1. V

    Put drives to sleep

    I read in various places that you can configure FreeNAS to put idle drives to sleep. I'm not able to find the settings in FreeNAS 11.2, though, so I'm guessing that only exists in earlier versions. Can we still configure this in FreeNAS 11.2 to put drives to sleep to save on power?
  2. Snow

    X9 Motherboard's Power Usage Vs X10/X11

    Why do you Guys never talk about X9 boards ever? I think they are a good middle ground to the X10/X11. They support DRR3 and with a bios update can take a V2 Xeons Also the 2011 Xeons are cheap used. I just upgrade to a X9 board and love it! I know that the saving with a X10/X11 board is why...