power outage

  1. yarcod

    Problem finding disks and/or HBA after power outage

    Hi! I've had my server with a virtualised instance of FreeNAS running for more than two years now without any issues. Until the other day, when we had a power outage at home and bad shit started to happen. First of all, I have FreeNAS running as a VM under ESXi, with a 1015M in passthrough...
  2. G

    Web nginx wont start after power outage

    I have been running Freenas for about 5 years. I am running 11.2 stable or so says #uname -a. I had a power outage 2 or 3 months ago and something must have gone wrong with the UPS driver because it appears the system went down hard. when I powered it back on my shares were not available...
  3. A

    SOLVED FreeNAS: Power outage and configuration wiped on reboot.

    I am using FreeNAS is FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 (e1497f269). I Had a power-outage and when I switched my FreeNAS box back the config file was completely wiped i.e. lost the static IP, hostname, all users, all volumes, shares, plugins, jails etc. This was a new install that was completed only a day...
  4. P

    My first NAS: Custom solution for Power outage detection

    Hi, I'm planning to build my first NAS. I have a simple APC UPS but it does not have USB port. I don't have money to spend on APC UPS with power outage notification. I plan to build my own power outage detection (may be using Arduino) with serial connection to FreeNAS PC. I'm planning to run...