power loss

  1. Y

    Random shut downs during resilver

    Hey all, Having some issues with my box, hopefully someone could point me in the right direction. Background: - Been using the system for about 6 or more years. Never really had any major problems. No changes hardware wise apart from the occasional hard disk replacement and boot usb change. -...
  2. averyfreeman

    x4 PCIe to NVMe adapter with supercapacitor

    Hey, I just saw these on ebay and thought people on this forum might find them interesting: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-Card-to-PCI-E-x4-Power-off-protection-half-Height-Bracket-for-SM951-SSD/222039068163?hash=item33b28f4e03:g:wIIAAOSwWTRW1WI5 Looks like a pretty hefty capacitor for...
  3. J

    Do i need UPS?

    I have read Cyberjock's "ZFS Storage Design and other FreeNAS information" PowerPoint slide and stumbled over the following entry on page 35: The resultant improper shutdowns of your system can result in a corrupted zpool that will no longer mount. Now i am curious. Let's assume i do have a...